Apple removes flags from macOS

The latest version of Apple’s macOS, Monterey, has removed one of the longest and most prominent examples of using flags for languages: on the macOS language selector.

New language selector from macOS Monterey without flag

New language selector from macOS Monterey

The new UI is purely text, whereas previously flags were shown in this selection screen since macOS’s release in 2001.

Previous OSX language selector with flag icon

Previous macOS language selector (Source: BusinessInsider

Given macOS supports hundreds of languages (and regional variations), this change radically simplifies the macOS language selection UI and also removes the requirement for Apple to maintain flags to match each language. It also makes this a simpler option for both users and Apple, and also one that no longer confuses languages with flags.

One thought on “Apple removes flags from macOS”

  1. Wow, I’m surprised even Apple got this wrong for so long.

    Thank you for this most useful blog, by the way.

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