Post Office Corporate and ignoring Scotland

The UK Post Office serves Scotland (and Northern Ireland) as well as England and Wales — which makes this literal choice of flags for languages quite inappropriate for users from those countries:

Post Office UK

(H/T to @aledpowell for noticing this one)

5 thoughts on “Post Office Corporate and ignoring Scotland”

  1. …not to mention that, as it’s a bi-lingual country, there are Welsh people who use the English language but not the English flag.

  2. I saw a Irish site once where it used the Irish flag for Gaelic and the UK flag for English.
    Though generally I support the use of flags for languages its with things like this that flags really are inappropriate.

  3. Actually quite a pleasant change to see the English flag used in this regard, and is far, far preferable to using the British or American flags. I understand the argument for not using flags at all, but the English flag here is simply representing the origin of the language (like the Welsh flag). You suggest that Scots could be offended by this, but shouldn’t we instead examine why this would be? Are so many Scots really so anglophobic that they can’t cope with seeing the English flag representing the English language? English people are regularly confronted with Scottish flags (on supermarket products etc.) and don’t appear to react negatively. There’s an issue with anglophobia here if this is really considered insensitive to Scots.

  4. The language selection just seems to be there for decoration. Try clicking on it. No change. Try clicking other links. The “Cymraeg” link becomes unclickable.


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